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@leonthomas: Look who I just ran into on melrose !!!! @matthbennett, @lizgillz and @brockieboy. #Family #Destiny lol

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normal’s boring.

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"If you love something, you have to stay really focused and can’t let outside things distract you."

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You know, the thing about these leaked photos isn’t just that they’re ‘nude’, but also that they are taken without the consent of the person in the photograph. They are an extreme violation of their privacy and making light of the situation isn’t funny. I’ve seen too many posts saying things like 'Now we need <insert celebrities name here> nudes!' NO. You’re that fucking desperate for a bit of bare flesh you’re more than happy to have your favourite celebrities personal photos and info hacked into then leaked all over the internet? You think it’s a funny passing joke, the idea of violating their privacy for your own small gain?

And while I agree that these people shouldn’t be ashamed of the photos, that’s not what they’re saying, nor is it the point here. If they wanted the photos public, they would’ve made them public themselves, but they did not. And now the public are shaming them for things they were not supposed to see in the first place. Shaming them for taking photographs they thought would be safe away from anyone but themselves and the intended person, if they were even sent to anyone at all.

People make me sick. If this were leaked photos of the general public, there would be uproar left, right and center. but because these people are well known, it’s a whole different ballgame. Celebrities are people too, dumbasses. Put yourselves in their shoes and tell me how you’d love to have your personal shit spilled to the world.

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Ya know, Tori and Jade are meant to be actresses, good actresses. I kinda refuse to believe they were having that much trouble pretending to be a married couple. They’ve done it before! and hell, they’ve survived a god knows how long car journey together in the pouring rain with only one minor argument, yet they can’t do exactly what they’re at school for due to how much they ‘dislike’ each other?

Something else has to be going on here.

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