BOP&TB: You had such great chemistry with all of your costars on VicTORious – is there anyone you still keep in touch with regularly, or anyone you’d love to collaborate with on future projects?

Victoria Justice: Avan and I are currently filming a movie together right now in NYC. The rest of the cast and I still keep in touch from time to time. It’s so hard afterwards, because everyone is off and doing their own thing and trying to figure out what they’re going to do next. We all did something amazing together that will always live on in pop culture and there will always be that bond. I feel the same way about my Zoey 101 cast. That bond will always be there.

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If I could travel to go back to 1 era, which would it be? What’s something u guys would be surprised 2 know about me? Read my Q&A with bopandtigerbeat here: 

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you come into MY house, you refuse to vote for MY ships…

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lizgillz: ;)

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“don’t post that shit on the internet” *poses for a photo for the internet* - grandpa

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@jogia Dark Entries.

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"Lets get back to the lyrics."

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The guys go to Karaoke Dokie or Nozu (Or anywhere else in Hollywood, everywhere seems to have some sort of singing going on) , Tori gets up to sing and chooses These Words by Natasha Bedingfield and the entire time she keeps trying to avoid looking at Jade while simultaneously glancing in her direction until everyone is just feeling embarrassed for her. Then she ends up having to sit next to Jade after and the whole thing is so awkward, but Tori’s oblivious to her obviousness and just carries on as normal.

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